Manchester Eagles, standing at the heart of its naming city is a launch pad for thriving cricketers and enthusiastic juniors who take a common interest and passion in the game of cricket. A friendly place to come together with other cricket partisans, it is a lovely nook to gather in to learn and share. With neat practice grounds and pavilions supervised by a highly potential body of cricket tutors, we serve to promote the sport among the young generation.

We work in association with regional representatives and officials bringing together cricket enthusiasts of Manchester to a common ground for productive learning. We encourage young and energetic people to join our club and subsequently learn the sport, foster their skills, encourage active participation and build team spirit. Our mentors take the responsibility of shaping their skills and polishing them further for mind-blowing performances on the pitch.

Manchester Eagles is more a cricket community than just a club. We ensure a safe and fully enjoyable environment for members of all age groups bonded by their common interest in cricket. We take in pros and amateurs, starters and professional players with different courses to offer each.

Aside forging their abilities, we create a highly competitive environment in the club that is meant to encourage all the joiners in the group to work on their skills and deliver better with time. You can apply to join our Youth League or Senior’s team, depending on your grasp on the sport. We also have a dedicated all girl’s team to accommodate female cricketers.

We strictly observe our duty of care and protection policies so that members are always safe in our club. Also, we offer the best tutorage so that they learn easily and effectively. Our practice sessions are scheduled to provide the opportunity for each player to polish their batting, balling and fielding skills and techniques for future development.