As we come together as a club, Manchester Eagles solemnly pledges to fulfill its tenets that inspire its very foundation. We aim to form a community of cricket lovers and players in order to present the opportunity for all aspiring future cricketers to learn and practice the sport with maximum affectivity. Our club is registered with T25 Wednesday League that is a part of ECB and LCB.

Our mission is to emerge at the top among the clubs in North West and appear in the Saturday League therein.

Regardless of age, racial origin and gender, we aim to welcome all our members to a friendly and cooperative, yet competitive environment electrified with energy and enthusiasm of young crickets who have a burning passion for the game.

We aim to harness the potencies of all shaping cricket learners and develop them into champions and professionals who have the caliber to play in state and other national levels.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of coaching to the juniors and seniors so that progression is remarkably fast and traceable.

Our mentors and coaches identify the best pathway for the players so that they may go ahead to represent the district and the country in the future.

We are teamed up with child welfare officers that look after the protection and safety of the junior league cricketers to ensure their safety during the matches.

It has been one of our foremost motives to encourage girls to join this sport, and our thriving girl’s cricket team is a testimony of our success.

In our bid to build a strong team spirit and cooperativeness among members, we encourage inclusion of players from all major and minor ethnicities. We believe a cricket team is a mix of talents and the more diverse the pool is the better performing it gets.

Finally, we oversee the development of self-esteem and confidence in the young crickets and take to the grooming the players for real tournaments.